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Carla is an idiot.

Carla is an idiot who has listened to you bitch about self-centered delusional nonsense for hours on end. Carla is an idiot who has cried herself to sleep over you for years.

Carla is an idiot who is fucking tired.

Sometimes people are hypocritical. Most people have been at one point or another. I'm sorry that I am like most people. I know that's a problem for you. But you're like most people. You're a hypocrite in your own right, and trying to pretend you're a humanist who wants to help people is repulsive when you can't handle the challenges we all bring. Who the hell do you expect to handle your crazy ass when you can't handle a human moment of mine? When you can't take that I hurt like anybody else, like you (sorry I can't hurt as much as you, but it still hurts nonetheless) and that sometimes even I'm not strong enough?

But I am not a shell. So fuck you.

You're so self-absorbed it's impressive. How can you honestly relate everything back to yourself? How did you make my suffering an offense?

No one ever told you the truth because they were all too afraid you couldn't handle it. But now everyone has dwindled down to Isabella and I don't give a fuck. You should know that you of all people have no right to call anyone an idiot. You have no right to throw a single stone.

Even if people did break you, you're broken and you refuse to be fixed.